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Psychological help online


psychologist online poltava 


Psychological help online is a professional psychological help through Internet connection (using Internet pagers, Skype messenger, Viber, What's Up etc.).

Consultation on Skype, Viber, Telegram, What's Up is a distant consultation, in case you would like to receive psychological help, but full-time psychological counseling is not available for you at the moment.


Features of online consultation: 

§  You live in a place where there is no psychologist;

§  You live in another country and cannot find there a specialist who understands your language and your mentality well;

§   You cannot leave your home for some reason (for example, disability, illness, phobias);

§  You are limited in time or money;

§  You are shy and careful. 


Psychological help through the Internet has its advantages:

  •      saving time;
  •      maintaining greater anonymity and security;
  •      freedom in choosing a specialist;
  •      communication in the usual for you conditions.


Psychological help through the Internet has its disadvantages:

  •       impossibility of solving some questions and using of psychotherapy;
  •       impossibility of using bodily-oriented methods;
  •       less emotional involvement;
  •       the instability of the Internet. 


For effective work the client needs: 

  •      stable Internet;
  •      webcam with good resolution;
  •      tuned headset (microphone and headphones);
  •      a separate room with a closing door, a comfortable space.


psychologist online poltava 


In order to begin work it is necessary to leave a request in a personal message by SkypeWhat's up, Telegram, specifying: 

a.     Name and surname.

b.    Your age.

c.      City / country of residence.

d.    Phone number and E-mail (to regulate the time of sessions).

e.   Login in Skype / other messenger.

    f.   Brief description of the problem. 

Acceptance of requests:

From 12:00 to 15:00 (Kiev time) Mon-Fri; session time – by agreement.

The cost of online consultation: 20$ / hour.

Cost of offline consultation: 25$ / hour.


Terms and conditions of online counseling: 


§  100% prepayment occurs for online sessions. The client and the psychologist agree on the method of payment;

§  the client and the psychologist agree on the date and time of the meeting (working hours, taking into account the time zone of the psychologist (Kiev time), standard consultation duration lasts for 60 min);

§  the client adds the psychologist to the contact list in chosen messenger;

§  the client transfers money and informs the psychologist payment information;

§  the psychologist confirms receipt of payment;

§  the connection is checked (control call in advance must be made); at the appointed time the client calls the psychologist by Skype or any other messenger and the work begins;

§  the session is carried out through messenger programs or by phone in the format of an audio / video call or in a form a written chat;

§  the session ends strictly at the designated time. If the client is late, the end time of the session does not change and client pays for lost time. 


You can use the first free consultation, which lasts 15 minutes. If, after the first consultation, you decide to continue working and I am ready to work with your problem, we agree on the terms and the form of payment, specify the principles of work and determine the date and time for the next session. The frequency and number of sessions depend both on the complexity of the problem, and on your personal characteristics and ability to work independently. Our conversations are absolutely confidential.

I work with topics and questions: conflicts and crises in interpersonal relations, personal problems; self-assessment, self-determination, self-regulation, self-realization and self-confidence, development and personal growth issues; problems in partnerships, problems in child-parent relations, problems in family relations, problems in professional relations; assistance in crisis conditions (with loss, anxiety, stress); business consultation. My experience in the field of virtual interaction is: search and selection of couples (matchmaking), help in solving of problems and conflicts in interracial marriages, developing of skills of self-presentation and establishing contact online / offline, skills of correspondence and getting effective dating skills; compatibility analysis of the couple; making accompaniment of meetings and assist on dates, mediation in the process of communication in couple, dating and life coaching. 

Used approaches: psychoanalysis, transactional analysis, psychodrama, problem-oriented approach, coaching.

Making appointments by SkypeWhat's up, Telegram, and by Phone.