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Sunday, 29 May 2016 02:16

7 dating tips or what you should remember before meeting with a Ukrainian lady

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When you have met your ideal lady online, you can fall in love, forget about your safety and get in trouble. So listen some advices which you can use before you are going abroad to meet your lady.

First of all, try find out as much information about her as you can before fly, offer her marriage, make visa or invite her to your country!

There are always three main problems you can face with Ukrainian ladies (if somebody will say you that there are no such problems – that is a usual manipulation to attract you to more meetings with more ladies or make you use more of dating service): age gap, cultural differences, "lost in translation" problems. These problems exist and you can face them if will not be attentive and careful in your choice!

1. To avoid age gap – ask more about ladies interests as only common interests can save relations in future (between two different generations that will be hard).

2. To avoid influence of cultural differences and misunderstandings because of them – learn cultural aspects (traditions, customs, holidays, common information about Ukraine) before your trip. Same time, try help your lady to know more about your country, life, traditions, customs etc.

3. To avoid difficulties in understanding due to the not accurate translation, when woman doesn't know your language – use qualified translation/interpreting service (don't charge on understanding!), learn her language if you can, help her to learn your language and practice it regularly. But language is a small issue comparing to two previous.

4. Don't wait too long to meet a lady: the more you wait the less interest and trust in common future you will have. Your lady can be tired from waiting, have wrong expectations and disappointment, she can think you are not serious about her and your relations.

5. Don't hesitate to ask for a help or advice with professionals: psychologists, interpreters, dating coaches, matchmakers.

6. Listen more recommendations of other men who had nice experience in dating Ukrainian women, don't trust all tips on dating systems easy, check carefully all reviews about dating site or marriage agency service which you are planning to use. Always read profiles of ladies and check if pictures in them complete image of lady, compare them with lady’s daily life recent pictures. 

7. Be critical, but not suspicious! Don't demand or try make woman follow your rules, but listen her, ask more questions and make right conclusions. 

 Hope these simple tips will help you to choose right way to Ukrainian woman's heart!

 Sincerely yours, Naina for RealdateStudio


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