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Tuesday, 06 December 2016 00:31

5 easy steps to avoid scammers on meeting

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Personally I believe that you can avoid scamming choosing matchmaking service of local agencies in that country in which you plan meet your soul mate and when you know that your matchmaker is responsible for quality of service you get, when you can trust and rely on professional support.

Again must admit, that meeting is the best way to start communication without scam.

But you always should remember about common sense and realistic view on things, this is the best weapon against fooling you)))

Sometimes I am shocked from such stories about scamming both from men and women, how people can be so trusty, why their intuition doesn’t work?! As psychologist I can say one thing if people have low level of self-confidence, high expectations and low level of communication skills they can be fooled very often by dishonest scammers.

It is much easier to scam through online dating services than on personal meeting because on personal meeting you have real person in front of you not a picture from internet. To avoid scam on meeting you just need to follow these easy steps:

·      you have eyes – look attentively, try to use perception skills to watch non-verbal signs;

·    you have ears – listen and ask carefully, the more you ask the more you will know so don’t be shy to be frank and straightforward;

·      you have intuition (about emotions, thoughts, feelings) – judge and make opinions seriously, use your critical mind and compare behavior of a person in different situations;

·    take your time – don’t hurry with judgments, you need to spend not less than 3 dates in different environment before make serious decisions about person;

·      if you don't listen yourself and can't read signs on meeting or through prior correspondence – advice with matchmaker or another specialist whom you consider to be expert in this field; don’t lose your time on online impersonal service instead of real personal matchmaker.



Last years, there are so many women who come to my agency and tell awful stories about western men sex-tourist who are coming to use Ukrainian ladies and have no serious intentions to marry. And funny thing is that those women claim in this situation local agencies who are partners of big dating sites because they don't know personally managers of dating sites but know local agencies where they are registered in. Men and women are in trouble as their trust level to dating sites are extremely low right now but they still want and need to find their soul mates. Let's face truth, if you can't trust nor big online dating site, nor local agencies cooperating with them – choose not an agency and a brand by advertisement but person by recommendation, choose personal matchmaking and real meeting instead of dishonest and non-effective services. Your life is your choice! Scamming is the way you are letting people to fool you! And we can't be fooled if we don't want to!


Be careful and good luck in search, yours Naina, psychologist, matchmaker and dating coach of RealDateStudio, local marriage agency in Poltava, Ukraine

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