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Wednesday, 18 October 2017 17:49

3 levels of love or how to pick up Ukrainian women

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Part I. 3 levels of love

Do you want to invite on a date Ukrainian lady? Do you know how to attract her attention? Are you good seducer? Do you think that it is easy to pick up Ukrainian women? Do you know what love is? What is your understanding of love?


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If you want to know how to seduce or "pick up" Ukrainian lady for fun or to raise your confidence using some techniques, you should look somewhere else). I will tell you about levels of love and honest ways to get woman's attention. Let’s start from definition of love and analysis of its levels.

So what is love for you? For me love is unconditional acceptance, which cannot be taken but can be given. Love of another person is like the recognition of the value of our existence. We live fully until we are loved.

We are all social beings; we can't live without love of other people. That means also that we can't live without relationships, without care, without support, without attention, without understanding. We need someone to be our mirror, where we see the best sides of ourselves when we are in mutual relations. We are looking for love whole life; we are in search each day of our life from birth till death. The more we were loved and accepted in childhood, the more love we can give and receive from others. Unconditional love is pure happiness. But to get love is not the final aim of our life. The final aim is to give our love to someone and make another person happy; accept someone without conditions and let somebody accept you. This is how love develops, from taking to giving and finally to accepting. That is my views on levels of love. Let's look more detailed on it.

Level I. Taking – Childhood. We need to be loved and feel it every moment of our life. Being small kids we usually take more than give as we are less strong, less independent and need someone to satisfy our vital needs. We need to feel secure and safe. Our parents give us love we need sometimes unconditionally, sometimes with conditions; sometimes they don’t love us or just missed in this chain. This love is infantile and dependent. We are living in this mode sometimes half of our life, sometimes more; it depends on our life experience until graduating from school. We use manipulation to get what we need and want.

Level II. Giving – Adulthood. We grow up and we go through different stages of our development. We learn how to interact with other people, how to build relations, how to develop relations together. From this stage we have more self-understanding and usually it gives us more confidence. Confidence gives us stability. We understand that to have something, we need to share something. We satisfy our needs by ourselves. We start share responsibilities; make own choices and decisions; become almost independent and adult. When we are adult, we still can depend on other people not materially but mentally. This period lasts until maturity. We still use manipulations here; sometimes they become more clever and refined (they look like psychological games).

Level III. Accepting – Maturity. Hard to rich this level. Some people say we need to accept life as it is. And this is truth. We have to accept life changes, our own changes, changes in relations etc. Nothing is constant; nothing is stable in this world. Our universe is changing, our planet is changing, and we are changing. Life means action. Our self-understanding, self-value, our confidence also changes. We begin to understand things more than ever and feel what we can change and what we can’t. If this level is reached we finally feel happiness, calmness, harmony and life fullness (sense of life). When we become mature, we become totally independent and first of all independent from influences and manipulations from the outside. We accept here love fully; can express it sincere without fears/guilt/shame etc.; can share and give it unconditionally; accept people the way they are; accept and thank for love we have and can share with others.

Love is a gift, we can only accept it to live on full. Life without love is empty and lonely. I wish all of you find your love and save it)

More about pick-up techniques according to levels of love outlined in this article you will find in Part II. 5 ways to pick-up Ukrainian women.


Naina Yusupova, leading matchmaker and dating coach of Realdatestudio; problem-oriented psychologist-counselor of interpersonal relationships and virtual communication; member of Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists. 

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